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Unstructured play, fostering creativity

The past 6 weeks have taught me the value of unstructured play time.  I tend to be a major multi-tasker and like to have things scheduled and planned out. However, living in a house with no furniture, no television, no computer (at least for the first few weeks) and virtually no toys, has helped me learn to relax a bit and be more flexible.

Not having a TV frees up hours and hours of time available to live life rather than escape from it. Rather than resorting to that in the evening to relax, we cuddle up with books. The boys don’t really have any toys and it’s been very interesting to see their little imaginations kick into gear.

Joshua has totally thrived on this unstructured time. He is very creative and loves to “invent” things and this free time has really give him the freedom to use his imagination. He takes every cardboard box he can find and creates new inventions with them. He is constantly finding things around the house to balance and build with. The boys go on adventures in the backyard and spend more time exploring outside. Ethan typically spends half the day reading or working on the few school books we have and Grant plays with his stuffed doggie or roams around in the yard. We take more time to go to the park, the zoo, the bookstore and library and just have fun together. Amazingly, I haven’t heard the phrase “I’m bored” a single time.

I for one am ready to get back to a schedule and routine, but it has been nice to take a break and just enjoy being together without any pressures or demands. I hope when we get settled in our new home and new schedule I can remember the value of letting their little imaginations run free and allow more unstructured play time.