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First week in Germany, Burg Hohenecken

We have been in Germany almost a full week, it sure seems like longer. Jetlag sure takes a toll when you’re pregnant, the other three time I came here I adjusted within a day or two, yet I’m still waking up in the middle of the night and needing naps in the day. Hoping my body will adjust soon.

Our car finally arrived however we can’t pick it up until tomorrow so we rented a sweet Mercedes (has an on/off feature anytime you put on the brakes it shuts off and restarts when you hit the gas) to go house hunting. We’ve found some absolutely beautiful homes, only problem is they require a commute which we’re not too excited about. We have found one house in the city with a massive back yard, and are hoping to get a deposit put down before anyone else snatches it up. All the houses within city limits are taken a day or two after they’re listed so it’s been a bit discouraging.

The house that we are hoping to rent is just a few miles away from this Burg Hohenecken so of course we had to stop and see it. There are 3 or 4 old castle ruins right around us but I think this is one of the biggest, believed to be built around 1200. There’s a beautiful old church near the castle and it’s quite the hike to the top. I was not prepared for how steep it was, but the view from the top was spectacular. The leaves are just changing and we’ve had unseasonably warm weather, it’s just been perfect so far, just can’t wait to get settled.




6 thoughts on “First week in Germany, Burg Hohenecken”

  1. We're in Kaiserslautern, about an hour and a half south of Frankfurt. It is beautiful and the food is so yummy. We'd love visitors 😉

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