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Let the shopping begin!

It’s official! After waiting 6 long months we finally found out for sure…
we are having a girl!

I was so happy she cooperated better this time and since the ultrasound tech was 100% sure this time (rather than only 80% sure) she said it was definitely a girl. Phew! I was beginning to have dreams of alien babies 😉

Immediately following our appointment we headed up to the outlet mall in Indiana for our last shopping spree in the United States.

Here is the damage done, although it wasn’t all for baby girl, some of it was for her brothers and yes, some of it was for me (I can still fit into regular clothes for a few more weeks…)

And here are the pink results! It’s first time I’ve ever bought girly things and it wasn’t for someone else’s baby.


6 thoughts on “Let the shopping begin!”

  1. My first reaction: YEA, I'm so happy for you and ohhhh such cute stuff!!! 🙂
    Then my sencond reaction: Uh – crap, I should have had a baby shower for you before you left! Why was I not thinking!?!? Granted you would have got stuff you might not have wanted to take up precious luggage space . . . but still. I'M SO SORRY!!!! Really . . . and you know me and over thinking! But my first reaction is true still . . . . . .

  2. I am so excited for you to have a girl. I am not jealous…I am excited to have another boy (as you know, they are awesome), but oh how I miss baby girls. My baby girl is growing up WAY to fast and I do miss having a little pink around here! Good luck with the move.

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