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Kindle Fire + Starfall, the perfect homeschool tools

We just added a Kindle Fire to our homeschool tools/toys and couldn’t be more pleased with it (after dealing with a few hiccups that is).

I purchased this for two purposes:
1. So Grant can access without needing a mouse (kind of difficult for a 2 year old to navigate)
2. So Ethan can read his Ambleside Online books

I am most excited about my little guys being able to access Starfall easier. Ethan taught himself to read when he was three using Starfall and it’s so much better now that it was then. If you have little ones and you aren’t yet using this resource, I highly recommend purchasing the $30 yearly subscription to More Starfall, it is hands down the best educational resource you can get for children ages 2-4. Now my boys will be able to use all the Starfall features without having to sit on my lap while I help navigate the mouse. Yipee!

I also love that almost all of the classical education books we read for school are available for free or very low cost in the Kindle store. Normally I love to buy real books, I dream of having a huge library someday, but for now, especially with moving overseas, the less baggage I have to bring the better, so this is perfect. We can study anytime, anywhere. And we will be doing our “homework” all over Europe.

Now, if you don’t yet have a Kindle and you plan on buying one, you’ll need to be sure to read the bottom of this post because the new Kindle Fire DOES NOT support Flash, even though they claim to include support and the option is enabled in the browser, it will not work on flash sites. It took me hours of searching before I found the solution that actually worked and was very close to returning this one and trying to buy a used older model. If you’re not good with computers- then you better try and find a used first generation kindle, otherwise follow the steps below and you’ll be ecstatic when you can view all your favorite educational sites in Flash and your kids won’t have to use the mouse!

Here is how to get the new Kindle Fire to work with and other Flash sites:

1. Download and install ES File Explorer (from the kindle app store- free- not the version for cupcake)
2. Download and install Dolphin web browser: Go to scroll to the bottom left and click “Dolphin Browser® HD 8.1.0 Final on Android Market
Install it by opening ES File Explorer, clicking the Downloads folder and clicking Dolphin, choose Install
3. Download and install Flash: Open the new Dolphin web browser, go to…6&d=1342580973 click url to download file, go to ES File Explorer, click Downloads folder, click Adobe Flash
In order to use starfall the user must click on the Dolphin rather than the Silk browser.
If you have trouble with this you can search google or amazon forums or return it and get a first edition that DOES support Flash. Sorry I can’t help you with the installation- I barely survived figuring it out for myself and it could change at any time.

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