Girl or Boy?

This is the ultrasound photo I came home with today. The ultrasound tech said “it looks like a girl, but don’t buy pink just yet”. I am 22 weeks and have never waited this long before to know what I was having! This is my second ultrasound (the other at 18 weeks) and both times I was told, “it looks like a girl, but it’s still too early to tell”. 
So…what do you think? Girl? Boy? or alien baby

3 thoughts on “Girl or Boy?”

  1. I still say it's not too early to tell. If both of them said girl, I'd go with it. Hooray! You'll have a blast with her!! **I'll be shocked if it ends up being a boy**

  2. Well…I think all ultrasound pictures look like aliens, even my baby. So. I go with alien. Think about how much fun the boys will have with a little alien to play with!

    I don't know when you actually leave, but good luck on the international flights with three little boys!

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