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Daddy’s homecoming

We survived our drive across the country! The boys did remarkably well especially considering how long they sat in the car each day. We are enjoying being back in Kentucky, it’s so nice to be back where it is green and rains for more than 5 minutes.

My husband surprised us Friday with a call to pick him up at the airport! It is a full two weeks earlier than we originally anticipated and such a wonderful surprise. The boys were so excited to see him again (although Grant fell asleep on the way to the airport). A year is just too long, it’s so nice to know we’ll be together for at least the next three years.

Now it’s non-stop wrestling and rough housing. I’m just glad they have someone else to pick on now 😉  We are getting really excited for Germany! We’ve got all our appointments taken care of, now we’re just waiting for our government passports and for our household goods to be shipped. In the meantime I’m trying to brush up on my German and take the boys to visit all the fun places we used to go when we lived here. 


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s homecoming”

  1. How wonderful! That must have been so hard having him gone. I wish we could have gotten together before I left New Mexico. If you guys end up driving through Jersey on your way to Germany let me know!

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