Organic Living

Organic Living Guide

If you followed the Five Weeks to a Healthier Home, I have a sixth thing to add.


As scary as it can be to realize all the chemicals around us and in our food, it’s also important to realize that the amount of exposure is an important factor as to whether or not we will experience ill effects. Also some immune systems are better at fighting off disease than others- you’ve all heard of people who smoke their entire life and never get lung cancer and the health conscious person who dies of it. But clearly the healthier our bodies are they better equipped they will be to fight off the toxins that are introduced daily.

I’ve created this Organic Living Guide which includes a lot of information about toxins in our food and environment and what you can do to avoid them. It’s basically a reference of the most common exposures and what you can do about it. This information is not meant to scare or cause paranoia, but to inform so that you can make an educated choice rather than having these chemicals “forced” on you.

It’s interesting to consider our lifestyle versus the lifestyle of say, the Amish. They live like our ancestors lived and are virtually free from the environmental toxins that plague the rest of American’s. It’s also interesting that diseases such as Autism are virtually non-existant among the Amish communities. They also have very low incidences of allergies, ADHD, obesity and cancer. It seems pretty clear to me that the soaring rates of these diseases are directly linked to our environment- the food we eat and the chemicals we use in our home.

I’m not suggesting we become Amish, but perhaps we should try and get a little closer to our roots. Plant a garden, turn off the tv and live a real life, try making things rather than buying everything, minimize the “stuff” in our lives, buy quality things rather than cheap plastic, eat real food that isn’t laden with chemicals and genetically modified by scientists.

Our generation is supposed to be the first where parents will outlive their children. We CAN change that, at least in our own families. American disesases ARE preventable and many are even reversible. The first step is eating right and exercising. What are you waiting for? Grab some veggies and get outside!


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