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A healthier home in 5 weeks {Week 3}

Look around your kitchen, playroom, and bathroom. What is the most common “substance” in each of these rooms? In my home it is PLASTIC. Plastic tupperware containers, plastic bottles, plastic toys… It is everwhere. Isn’t it nice that the most common substance in our home contains chemicals that “promotes obesity, diabetes, testicular cancer, breast cancer-like changes (and resistance to life saving chemotherapy) and even reduce sperm counts”1?

This demon lurking in plastic is known as BPA (also found in canned food). It affects the brain, sex hormones, is linked to cancer, thyroid issues, infertility, obesity and more. It’s a pretty bad dude. Read this article to find out more about BPA.

{Week 3 Challenge: Eliminate Toxic Plastics}

Fortunately, there are safer plastics out there. Ones that are labeled PET or HDPE are much safer than PVC as are those labeled #2, #4, and #5. This is a great guide to decoding those plastic numbers. Get rid of those containing BPA and replace with safer alternatives.

1. Stop microwaving and storing your food in plastic containers! Microwave safe means it’s safe for the container, not safe for your body. Use safe alternatives such as glass or silicone.

2. Replace your hard plastic water bottles with a stainless steel version. I love our Klean Kanteen’s!

3. Minimize plastics in the kitchen. Avoid using hard plastic stirring and measuring utensils, use wooden, stainless steel or glass instead. Stop eating off plastic. For those with small children, this is nearly impossible. Fortunately, there are a few safer alternatives:

Zoe b Organic Anti Plastic Dishes
Kids’ Tempered Glass Kitchenware
Beaba Soft Dishes
CaliBowl Del Mar Stack Plastic Single Serving Bowls
Kids Lunch Buddy Tray
Kid Kanteen Baby Bottles

Additional Food Safe Alternatives:
Essential Safe Products
Green Cookware
The Ultimate Green Store
Anchor Hocking
Crate & Barrel
The Container Store

4. Check to see if any of your toys are on the most toxic toy list (the foam alphabet letters that all three of my boys chewed on in the bath were on this list!). Next, check the toxic toy database on Toss out the worst offenders. Check this website for tips on purchasing safer toys.

*I’m not including cookware in the challenge, however, Teflon and aluminum are less than desirable cooking options as their safety is continually in question. Here are some safer cooking alternatives (I hope to replace my teflon pans when we move!)

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