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Piper Reed Forever Friend, Book Review, Author Interview & Giveaways!

I had the opportunity to read the book Piper Reed Forever Friend, the sixth book in the Piper Reed series by Kimberly Willis Holt. It was such a fun book, Ethan and I enjoyed reading it together and the content was timely as we are getting ready to move to a new duty assignment (hopefully overseas!)

Piper is a spunky nine-year old navy brat who lives with her family (mom, dad, two sisters, a dog and a goldfish) in Pensacola, Florida. This book follows her adventures as her family moves to a new duty assignment in Norfolk, Virginia. Piper is sad to leave her old friends and school behind but is also excited that her old neighbor and best friend, Michael, moved to Norfolk a few months earlier.

Piper had big plans for living in Norfolk, but finds them falling apart when she discovers that not only is she no longer living down the street from Michael, but he seems to have found a new best friend. This move is not turning out to be what she expected and she finds herself missing Pensacola. How will Piper adjust to her new life? Will she ever make friends in Norfolk?

One lucky reader will have a chance to find out! Enter below to win one of three Piper Reed books!

I also had the privilege of interviewing Kimberly Willis Holt:

Q: I just read my first Piper Reed book and have to say it was a really fun read! There aren’t many book series designed for military kids and I wondered if some of Piper’s experiences were also your own growing up?

A: Like Piper, I’m a military kid with two sisters and a Navy Chief dad, but I was the oldest. I saw life more seriously than my fun-loving middle sister. Some of the things that happen to the Reed family in the series “sort of” happened to us. We had clubs and owned a poodle. We sang our Louisiana version of Country Roads in the back seat of the car. Most of the series is made up but inspired by things that “sort of” happened.

Q: Did you always aspire to be a writer or was it something that developed later in life?

A: Ever since second grade I loved to write, but I never thought I could be a writer until seventh grade when a thoughtful science teacher encouraged me to show my poem to a creative writing teacher. I wasn’t a great student because I read slowly. I loved reading and writing though. So it was a secret dream until that day in seventh grade when two teachers made me think it was possible.  Teachers are powerful.

Q: Is there a particular place you go or routine you follow to get the “writing zone”?

A: I write a lot of different places–in bed, a chair in my bedroom, the screened in porch, and coffee shops. Wherever I begin a story is where I end it.  That’s how important ritual is to a creative person. Returning to the same place every day makes the writing begin more easily.  And when I write, I write by hand on yellow legal pads. I think better on yellow.

Q: As you well know, growing up in the military has it’s pro’s and con’s. It can be especially hard for children to constantly leave friends and be apart from extended family. Is there any advice you would to give to military mom’s to help make military life a positive and enriching experience for their children?

A: Wherever we lived, my mom made our house a home. We also took Sunday drives to explore the places beyond our house or short trips to somewhere wonderful. When we lived in Norfolk, we visited Colonial Williamsburg and Washington D.C. When we lived in Washington state, we visited Canada.  We took a vacation to Barcelona when we lived in France. These are the advantages of a military childhood. At the same time that my parents exposed to our new surroundings, they always told us stories about our Louisiana heritage. My first book is dedicated to them. The dedication says To my parents, Ray and Brenda Willis, who showed me the world, but gave me roots. I think that makes for a happy childhood. We all want to feel like we belong somewhere.

A big Thank You to Kimberly Willis Holt! Enter to win a signed hardback copy of Piper Reed Forever Friend by Kimberly Willis Holt! Also, one lucky reader will win a signed paperback copy of Piper Reed, Navy Brat and one reader will win a signed paperback copy of Piper Reed, Rodeo Star!

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2 thoughts on “Piper Reed Forever Friend, Book Review, Author Interview & Giveaways!”

  1. Tip for moving . . .

    When it was time to leave my mission we didn't want to wish we were still there – we wanted to be happy to be where ever we were so we started to make a list of the things we would NOT miss when we moved home . . . sounds odd – but there are tons of things you WILL miss but you don't want to be too sad about leaving. Ironically my list from that move are things I wouldn't miss about Germany:
    Paying to call across the street.
    Paying for ketchup.
    Paying to use a public restroom.
    Having to explain why I said HI to a stranger.
    Being offered Blutwurst. 🙂 etc . . . .

    That's the first tip I could think of to share. 🙂

  2. I haven't done much moving in my life. I moved across the country once but you are FAR more experienced than I in that departement 😉

    I can't believe you are moving so soon! One day it's in 6 weeks and the next thing I know it's NOW! Holy crap! I'm sad we didn't get to do more together before you leave. But it was fun to meet you and get to know you a little bit. You've done so much for me! It will be fun to keep following your journey via your blog. Hopefully we can be great blog friends forever! 😉

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