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Twelve years…

Twelve years ago today we were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. I could never have predicted the way life has turned out, yet I wouldn’t change a thing. We have shared some pretty amazing adventures in those twelve years.
We’ve traveled through more than forty states and several countries. Some of my favorite memories are our trip to beautiful Prince Edward Island, seeing Phantom of the Opera in NYC, scuba diving in Florida, relaxing on the beach in the Bahamas, getting sunburned in Puerto Rico, hiking on the Great Wall of China, driving over 120 mph in Germany, touring Moscow, and canoeing on the lake in New Hampshire.   
During those twelve years we both earned graduate degrees, got certified to scuba dive, bought our first home, lived in 4 states (countless houses), had three children in three years, began homeschooling, survived two deployments (I’m planning on surviving another 4 months!), ran a marathon together (he’s run countless marathons and an ironman), and have had a pretty wonderful life.
I’m so glad I married someone who likes to keep things exciting. There are times I curse him for this trait, but in the end we have so much more fun than I would ever have if things were solely up to me. He makes me laugh, is constantly sending me flowers and leaving me little notes around the house (even before he left from R&R he left notes all around for the boys and I) and when he’s home he’s constantly cleaning up the house and sending me off for some “sanity” time.. I’ve been teasing him lately that I need to go back to work and he can stay home and school the boys, he’s so much more patient and engaging than I am. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive loving husband and my boys couldn’t ask for a more involved father. We love you!

San Diego, May 2012

5 thoughts on “Twelve years…”

  1. Congrats! And to think, I knew you toward the beginning, when you didn't think you could ever have kids because it almost made you throw up just thinking about it! (that's a funny visiting teaching memory, isn't it?) You ARE a fun couple! So adventurous!

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