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Las Vegas, Nevada LDS Temple Pictures

Visit to download these free pictures of the Las Vegas temple.
Photographing temples is actually harder than you would think. Especially older temples. They are usually surrounded by houses and on busy city streets so it’s difficult to find a place to stop to take pictures without people or cars in your photo. Once you do find a good spot, they are usually surrounded by trees so it’s still hard to get a good shot unless you are inside the gates, but once you’re inside the gates the temple is so massive that it’s hard to fit it all in the lens. Sometimes I wish I had a helicopter
I have seen pictures before of the Vegas temple with the spires and the city in the background and knew I wanted one like that. Unfortunately once I got there I realized there really isn’t a great spot to get that photo (again, helicopter would be nice). There is a small hill and a mountain behind that. Anthony took the boys to explore a little cave and I began walking over to see if I could get a good shot. Fortunately I found a hill of gravel stacked up and made my way (in flip flops) over and climbed to the top. It was a bit off center, but it best I could do without falling off. As I started climbing down, I saw the van driving away! Apparently my husband couldn’t see me and thought I had walked back down the hill to the temple… Fortunately I made it back to the temple before he left the city 😉
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoy taking them!


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas, Nevada LDS Temple Pictures”

  1. Just downloaded a few of your pics and gave you a donation. I couldn't love your work more!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for making it available to all. I'm also noticing a few of your tabs– think I'll be reading up on your blog. You're amazing– I'm pretty sure of it. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!

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