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Mt Whitney, St. George & Kolob Canyon

Our last stop in California was Mt Whitney portal. My husband is working on visiting the high points in each state, and I think this makes #38. He hiked alone, starting around 3am and it took a greuling 14 hours to hike the 22 mile round trip that climbed 6,000 feet of elevation.

The boys and I stayed at the hotel and swam and dug in the dirt all day.

We drove through death valley on the way home, very appropriately named.

We decided to stay overnight in St George so we could see my family. I took a few more pictures of the St George temple (you can download them at We discovered the most family-friendly hotel- the St George Inn & Suites. They are extremely affordable and have both an indoor and outdoor pool and playground. The boys had so much fun and we will definitely be staying here again when we come to see family.

On our way to Cedar we stopped by Kolob Canyon to do a little hiking around.

It was a fantastic trip, the only downside was having to say goodbye for another four months. Oh, and I did get pictures of the Las Vegas temple, I’ll share those next.


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