Los Angeles, California LDS Temple

Visit http://www.freeldstemplepictures.com to download free pictures of the Los Angeles, California LDS Temple.

The LA temple is situated right on Santa Monica boulevard and is a pretty spectacular sight. It was the first temple constructed in California and at the time of construction it was the largest temple. It was announced back in 1937 and completed in 1956. There’s a cute story on the lds temple website about the angel Moroni statue:

“The 15½-foot figure of the angel Moroni, sculpted by Millard F. Malin, was placed atop the temple in October 1954. During one of his frequent visits to the temple, President David O. McKay noticed that the angel faced southeast as did the temple. He informed architect Edward O. Anderson “that it was not correct in that position…that the angel must face east.” The angel had generated much conversation among the neighbors, and one indicated, perhaps tongue in cheek, that she “certainly never would be interested [in learning more about the Church] until the angel faced her home.” One morning she awoke to find the statue “was looking directly at her place.” Brother Anderson had followed President McKay’s instructions to turn the angel.

Click to download these and more free images of the LA temple.

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