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Beautiful San Diego

We’re back from a fabulous trip to California! Our first stop was the beach in La Jolla. This is my favorite beach because you can always see the sea lions sunbathing on the rocks, it’s hard to tell, but there are about 30 sea lions on those rocks below, they are stacked side by side nearly on top of each other.  

Then we headed over to Pacific Beach where the boys did some body surfing and building castles in the sand. It has been way too long since we have been to the beach.

Sea World was amazing as always. This is our first time at Sea World California, but it’s pretty much the same as Orlando. We walked until we dropped, and then walked some more.

We visited the Mormon Battalion which was really cool. They have an interactive presentation, commemorative photo, the kids can pan for gold, and the tower has a great view. We walked through old town and then over to Coronado where we attempted to fly kites on the beach.

The San Diego Maritime Museum was pretty neat. We went on a bay cruise and got to go inside a submarine, the ship used for Master & Commander, and more. We even saw wilson 😉

Only wish we had a few more days to see friends and spend more time on the beach!


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