Things I Love


There are a couple things I’m really going to miss about Utah. One, is living so close to so many temples. Another is pedicures with sisters.

I feel like I have been so spoiled since my husband’s been gone. I have been going to the temple at least twice a month and my sister in law invites me to get pedicures every month.

My goal is to get away once a week to regroup and rejuvenate, but this week I thought I’d try to “handle things” on my own and not get a sitter…by Friday I was about to lose it. Saturday went out for pedi’s- it’s amazing what an hour or two without little criers and screamers can do for a person!

I sure hope I can find a pedi buddy and a good babysitter when we move because I am not giving these up!


4 thoughts on “Spoiled”

  1. Where are you guys moving? You should move down here and we can go get pedis! Yes I love at least 2 hours away each weeks. It makes me a better mom 🙂

  2. We have no idea where we are moving yet, but when my husband comes home in October we will definitely be moving *somewhere*. I do get to St. George often to see my family though, we'll have to do pedi's sometime!

  3. Oooooh, how fun! It's nice that you can get away each week. I need to try that-I think it would definitely help me “re-group”. Some weeks (like last week) made me really batty! You could also move to Las Vegas…

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