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Bingham Copper Mine

I’ve been wanting to take the boys to see the copper mine ever since we moved to Utah. Yesterday I saw a facebook post from Dresses & Messes that the mine is offering free admission for the month of May, so we loaded up and drove on over. It really is quite an impressive sight even from miles away.

The wind was blowing so hard at the top it about knocked us over, so I was lucky to get the few pictures I did.

They say it is larger than two Sears/Willis Tower’s stacked on top of one another. Having stood on the skydeck of the Willis Tower just two years ago and feeling like I would pass out as I looked down on the city, I can appreciate just how deep the mine really is. It was dizzying just standing there to take pictures (especially with the wind blowing).

Of course the favorite were the ginormous trucks the size of a 2 story house which look like tiny toys from up here.

The museum inside has a lot of rock specimens, replica’s of the mine, a movie about how it all works, and of course a lot of little trucks and tractors (Grant was really upset that he couldn’t play with the trucks, he kept saying “get trucks out!”)

And as a bonus the road we took to get there went right past the Up house…

If you live in Utah, go print off your free coupon and head on over, it’s a fun experience and you can’t beat the price! Plus the gift shop has awesome copper postcards and a great selection of copper bracelets for under $10 (a great gift for out-of-towners).


2 thoughts on “Bingham Copper Mine”

  1. That picture is so cool! I need to get up there and take my kids there…hmmm now I just have to do it before may, to bad it's not free at then end of june!! How much is in normally?

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