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New Salt Lake Temple Artwork!

Spring is finally here! Actually it feels more like summer- I wish it felt more like spring, BUT the trees have finally bloomed! So now I’m frantically trying to photograph all the temples in the area before we leave for our vacation.

I added a lot of new photos to the Salt Lake Temple album, so those of you who were wanting to print large images, you can now! I’ll be posting the other Utah temples soon (so many requests for Bountiful, Timpanogos and Provo- I hope to get them up next week!) Here are a few of my favorites from Salt Lake.

As always, these temple pictures are absolutely free for personal or church use and you can download them from my free temple pictures website at

*The bottom one would be perfect in the three picture frames sold at IKEA for $9.99, simply print each of these images and insert in frame. Great wedding gift!

2 thoughts on “New Salt Lake Temple Artwork!”

  1. I came across your blog while looking for a picture of the Monticello Temple (Where I currently live). I am not usually one to read through blogs even though I have one of my own:)But yours pulled me in today. It was so fun to read about you and the whole time I was thinking…”I think she's my long lost sister.” We have so much in common it freaked me out a little bit. Cook book, photography, decorating… I even have three little girls one that turned 6 in March, another that turned 4 in February, and my youngest who will be 3 in July. How ironic that you have 3 boys so close to those ages…anyways, I had to comment and let you know that you have friend in Monticello UT. My blog is

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