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How to rock a ponytail

I had originally planned this post the week I was in Houston, but something happened on my phone and the entire thing was deleted. It’s taken me this long to sit down and type it again. Hope it works this time!

I don’t know about you, but since I’ve become a mom I have a lot less time to get myself prettied up for the day. But one thing I’ve learned is that if I show up at the store by myself with three little boys in tow wearing gym clothes and a ponytail I’m probably not going to get friendly or sympathetic looks from fellow shoppers. Instead, I’ll probably get those looks that say things like “are they all hers?” “does she know about birth control?” and “can she shut that kid up?”

HOWEVER…if I go out in public with makeup, jewelry and cute hair, I get the exact opposite reaction. People will come up and say “wow, you have your hands full!” “are you going to try for a girl?” and “can I help you to your car?” And those that don’t comment are giving sympathetic smiles rather than dirty looks. The difference is amazing. And kinda sad.

I have gotten my routine down where I can shower, blow dry, make up and dress in 30 minutes, but I still don’t want to do that every day. So on those off days I throw it in a pony tail, add one of these cute little clips and voila- no longer schlumpy frumpy mom. This look says I  chose to put my hair in a pony tail and I like it that way. 

You can buy fabulous clips like this at Whippy Cake, however you can also make your own at home and it’s super easy. There are dozens of tutorials out there, but I thought I’d share how I make mine.


3 coordinating fabrics (I buy the smallest yardage they let you- usually 1/4 yard)
3 decorative buttons (fabric store or ebay)
1 pinch clip (sally’s)
Felt (I use white or grey)
Glue gun or needle & thread
Start with three coordinating strips of fabric about 2-3 inches wide and at least 6 inches long. I like to snip the fabric and then rip it lengthwise to create frayed edges. The wider and longer the fabric, the bigger the flower.

Fold the inside corner in half and start to roll to create the center of the flower.

As you roll, twist the fabric. The tighter the twist the flatter the flower will be. Experiment with looser and tighter twists to determine the style you prefer.

Keep twisting until you reach the end of your fabric.

Tuck the end under the flower and either hand sew through all layers of the flower to keep them together, or use hot glue to secure the layers together (you can also hot glue as you roll- to make sure every twist is secured).

Sew or hot glue a button to the top of the flower (ebay is the best place to find decorative buttons).

Repeat with each additional flower.

Attach the flowers together by hand sewing or using hot glue. Then cut a piece of coordinating felt in the shape of the back of the flower (hides the underneath and makes it look more professional).

Hand sew- or hot glue this to the back of the flowers.

Cut another piece of felt large enough to cover the clip. Clip the felt and put hot glue all over the clip and the felt cover.

Attach to the back of the flower- making sure the clip is positioned so that the flower faces the direction you want it to.
Place in your hair, on a cardigan or bag for a stylish way to add a pop of color and accessorize your outfit.

So go ahead, rock that ponytail!
p.s. these clips also look fab attached to a cardigan- adds a fun pop of color to any outfit. And for some super cute hair ideas, check out these sites:

Easy up twist with Whippy Cake

30 Days of Hair Romance

30 Hairstyles in 30 Days

Hair tips from I heart Naptime


6 thoughts on “How to rock a ponytail”

  1. Thanks for visiting me (and commenting) today so I could come and meet you…

    This looks like so much fun. I am pinning it so I can make some up.

  2. Oh Cari, if only I were that craftsy. I was completely out of my element when you said the word “fabric”. How about you make me some and I pay you, sound like a deal? 🙂

  3. **GASP** My hair would totally rock in this! 😉
    And I totally remember when this showed up in my reader and there was nothing there several weeks ago. I was so confused but now I get it! They are darling and I can't wait to make some.

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