Rotten mommy

My little angel has gone from this:
To this:
At two and a half I thought we might actually skip over the terrible two phase, but apparently not. In the past few weeks he has:
  • scribbled on the wall with crayon
  • dumped out every toy bin we own
  • shredded into tiny pieces the two loaves of whole wheat bread I made using a combination of his hands and an ice cream scoop
  • climbed on the counter and cut up his finger with my knife (superficial wound, thank goodness)
  • food flinging at mealtimes
  • smooshed banana all over my bed. and the carpet.
  • ran around in the middle of the boys’ taekwondo class, then through the doors and out into the street
  • and, I’m sure there were a few other things that I’ve blocked from memory
Whenever I try to prevent one of these little incidents from occuring he yells “rotten mommy!” over and over. It’s kind of funny. and a bit cute. but totally naughty.

4 thoughts on “Rotten mommy”

  1. Ha ha! He is such a cute little guy… I can't imagine him murdering the bread with his bare hands and an ice cream scoop. 😉

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