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Road Trip: Alabama and back

We spent a full week in Alabama visiting with two separate friends. The first was my friend Kelli, who I’ve know since I was a kid. We grew up in Mesa together, just a few blocks away and were in the same ward and school together. It has been years since I saw her last. She also has three boys. It was pretty crazy at times, but it was so nice to be able to see her again and meet her family! She is a fabulous cook, and it was wonderful to eat REAL food again!

Next stop, was to see our good friends the Toronto’s. Our husbands went to law school together and we got together several times when they lived in Ohio. They’re now in Alabama and Ethan just loves playing with her boys (she’s got 4 of them). Her husband was even brave enough to watch all 7 boys (by himself!) for a couple hours.
The boys had lots of fun just being crazy boys. We also took a trip to the Montgomery zoo. I couldn’t believe it when we saw this animal (left)- I thought I took a picture of the name, but can’t seem to find it now…It said it was a cross between a rabbit and an antelope. All it needs is antlers and it’s a jackalope! And I always thought it was a mythical animal… They had a great playground, a train- perfect for our boys- and the giraffe habitat was pretty awesome.

On our trip back home the boys got Mardi Gras beads at the Louisiana welcome center, we stopped in Dallas to see my friend Katy from when I used to work at Novell, and got to see our good friends the Bachan’s who we knew from New Hampshire. It was so nice to break up the trip visiting with friends. We also stopped by the Hot Air Balloon museum in Albuquerque before heading back. It was a great road trip, but it is always nice to come home!


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