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Road Trip: Texas to Kentucky

It’s time to wrap up this road trip! (btw, happy birthday to my sweet husband, son Joshua and of course Dr Seuss). We left Houston and drove up past Hot Springs, Arkansas (on my list of vacation spots). It’s so beautiful there and wish we could have stayed a few days rather than just drive through.
The reason we drove 2 hours out of our way to come here was to hit the high point of Arkansas. My husband is working on going to the high point of each state. I think this was number 36… It was hurricane like conditions by the time we reached  Magazine Mountain, torrential rain, gusty winds, and lightning that lit up the sky. Umbrella or not, my husband was soaked after just a few minutes- hard to stay dry when the rain comes horizontally. But that didn’t deter him. I waited in the car with the boys while he hiked over to signal hill to take a picture of the sign. It seems that almost every high point adventure we’ve gone on ends up in torrential rain…
We stopped in Memphis, TN to take pictures of the temple (will post next) and then next in Jackson, TN, home of famous train engineer Casey Jones. Since my boys are such train fanatics, they were excited to see his home and the train.
We were so happy when we finally made it to Kentucky. The boys were so excited to be “home” again, although they were disappointed they couldn’t play in our old backyard. It was so nice to see all our friends again and feel like things were back to normal again, at least for a day or two. My husband had to fly back two days later, but it was better this time knowing it would only be 4 months before we see him again.
We went to Music Makers, the weekly activity we used to attend when we lived here. Ethan was so excited to see his best little friend. She was excited to see him too and they hugged nonstop the whole time. It was so cute.
We stopped by the Louisville Zoo on our way to take him to the airport… 
Grant was asleep by the time we got to the airport, but Ethan and Joshua gave him great big hugs. Grant still asks “where dad’n go?” We feel really blessed that we will be able to see him twice during one deployment, breaking it up into 4 month segments sure is easier than taking 6 months at a time.
We miss you already!

2 thoughts on “Road Trip: Texas to Kentucky”

  1. Your whole trip looks so fun! I haven't had a chance to read any blogs for about a week but it was fun to catch up tonight.

    Your temple pics are beautiful, as always.

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