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Road Trip: Houston, Texas

We were so happy to finally get to Houston and see daddy! The boys could hardly contain their excitement. We stopped on the way to visit the Sam Houston memorial. All I can say is WOW. I was shocked at the massive size of this statute! They sure don’t mess around with stuff in Texas, I’m think I understand why they say everything is bigger there…

So, we got to the airport and waited for his flight to come in. After a few minutes I got up to look at the board for his flight number and saw that it was cancelled due to weather. After talking to several people I was told that the flight would be in at noon, but the flight number they gave me was for midnight. We waited until about 12:30 and then finally decided to leave and come back when he called. We just pulled out of our parking space when my phone rang! He was able to fly standby on the last flight that morning. The boys had fun running around and wrestling with daddy, it was so nice to be together as a family again! 

We had a fun time at the Houston Children’s Museum (which is probably where we caught a cold virus that left us trapped in our hotel room sneezing and coughing for five days!) They had these machine lego’s where you could build tractors, airplanes and more. We’re definitely adding those to our future Christmas list… 
This is what we did to pass the time while we were sick…
and lots of this…
We did manage to see a few other things while we were in Houston despite being sick for half the time (during beautiful 75-80 degree weather).
Right next to the zoo there is a huge park and look what we found climbing out of the lake! The boys of course chased the poor thing around and Grant almost jumped/fell in after it…fortunately we didn’t have to rescue anyone…
The only disadvantage of owning an SLR…when you ask random strangers to take your picture, they can’t seem to get that you actually have to look through the lens and focus…oh well…we tried.
The aquarium was a lot of fun. The boys really enjoyed the train ride which took us through an aquarium tunnel. They got to pet baby sharks and sting ray’s and we ate dinner in the restaurant surrounded by fish. Reminded us of the Bahamas- Atlantis has an amazing floor to ceiling aquarium in the restaurant and a huge tunnel you can walk through with huge shark floating right over head (not to mention next to you when you slide down the water slide- creepy even though there is glass between you). Anyway…they also had a huge white tiger which actually jumped up and started pacing back and forth right next to the glass, the boys loved it.
We really loved Houston and only wish we hadn’t been sick for half the trip so we could have seen and done more. The shopping there is AMAZING. I couldn’t believe how many fabulous shopping centers there were within a 3 mile radius. It was interesting to see the transformation in the boys’ too. Joshua magically stopped being so grumpy and Grant actually slept in his own bed again. It was wonderful (and gives me hope that the grouchiness and sleepless nights won’t last forever)!

4 thoughts on “Road Trip: Houston, Texas”

  1. I just found your pictures and I LOVE THEM! I actually live in Houston and I hope you got a chance to see the Houston temple and take some pictures. Your temple pictures are beautiful!

  2. I just found your temple pictures and I love them, they are so beautiful. I actually live in Houston and I hope you got a chance to take some pictures of the temple here. What a wonderful talent you have!

  3. looks fun (despite being sick).

    yea – when I ask people to use my camera . . . they look confused since I don't have it set to view on the back. . . I always say, “it's like the OLD kind of cameras – you have to look through the hole” I leave out what I'm thinking “Yea – remember those cameras!?! This is NOT one of those – it's much more expensive and it's tons better and you can't be that young to not remember looking though a viewfinder type of hole to look and focus can you?!?” 🙂

    I'll be sharing your link of you pictures!!! good job!

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