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Road Trip: Dallas

Our next stop was Dallas, Texas. It was a beautiful 80 degree day in January. Amazing. It felt fabulous especially considering the day we left Utah it was 7 degrees. As we were driving south it got as low as 18 below zero. 80 degrees was like being in heaven.
I love these statues of a cattle drive in downtown Dallas. It sits right next to an old cemetery and civil war monument.
The boys were so happy to stop and stretch their legs, and this was the perfect spot.
We also stopped at the zoo-themed McDonalds in Dallas. They had huge African animals all over inside and the play place was also decorated in the zoo theme. The boys were so excited by all the animals- they even play jungle noises in the restaurant. It was a pretty fun stop.
I was able to stop and see one of my old college roommates who lives just outside of Dallas. Since it was spring-like weather the kids played outside and had a ton of fun wrestling and climbing along the fence and chasing her poor bunnies. It was so refreshing to get a taste of spring!

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