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Road Trip: Albuquerque to Amarillo

I had the car packed the night before so all I had to do was load up our food and the boys. We got up early and were on the road by 4:30am. The boys were so excited to be travelling, they stayed awake for an hour or two but fell fast asleep during the long drive to Albuqerque. About half way we stopped at a rest stop and this was the view. The sun was just starting to peek up and there was a lone tree perfectly silhouetted.

We made pretty good time to Albuqerque and stayed there for the night. We spent the next day at the Explora museum. The boys had such a fun time. Almost everything in this museum was geared toward smaller kids. There was so much to see and do, they played hard all day long. The favorites were the marble runs, building a little log cabin and making huge bubbles.We even went across the street and saw the museum of natural history and science. One of my friends I knew in New Hampshire lives there now, so we met for dinner that night. It was so fun to reconnect after all these years.

The next day we headed for Dallas. Just before Amarillo, Texas there is a fun stop called Cadillac Ranch. A bunch of cadillac’s buried out in a farm field. It was the perfect place to stop and stretch our legs.

Ethan was very concerned that the spray paint cans were littering the field, and decided he wanted to gather them up…ALL of them… (there are hundreds of cans everwhere). After gathering up about thirty of them, I finally convinced them that they couldn’t get them all and that we needed to continue our trip.

They tried spraying some bottles that still had a bit in them. Joshua got a good spray right in the face- fortunately it was mostly fumes and not paint.

It was an entertaining stop- if you’ve ever driven across west Texas, there’s pretty much sky and that’s it. Texas

One nice thing about travelling in Texas- they have the best rest stops. Two of the places we stopped had these fabulous playgrounds. The boys got all their energy out and had a blast. Wish more places were like this!

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