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Home at last!

After five weeks on the road traveling over 2,000 miles through ten states, we are finally home! Or at least where we are calling home for the present time. You never really know where “home” is when you’re in the military. We had a great time, especially getting to see my husband again. The boys traveled remarkably well. There was very little fighting or whining…in the car that is…plenty once we got out of the car…

Ethan kept busy looking for license plates from each of the 50 states. He found all except South Dakota and Hawaii and even found 4 Canadian provinces. I got him a magnetic license plate game, but the magnets weren’t very magnetic. Next trip I am ordering this license plate game from Doug & Melissa. Grant and Joshua slept a lot and they were enthralled with a few DVDs we got special for this trip: Mighty Machines, I Love Toy Trains and Blues Clues.

The boys were so happy to see their daddy again and couldn’t spend quite enough time with him. I’ll be sharing updates of the places we visited over the next week and the seven temples I was able to photograph.


5 thoughts on “Home at last!”

  1. I'm so glad they got to see their Daddy! My brother and I used to play the license plate game every time we went on a road trip! Maybe I'll need to get that game too 🙂

  2. My Wonderful Wife and Family,

    It was a piece of heaven on earth to see you again after four months away. Great lessons are learned in sacrifice and I am learning ever more how I cherish you. Leaving for another eight months was very hard but I know you are in God's hands and great will be the joy of our reunion. It is but a foreshadow of celestial reunions that will await as we go forward into eternity.

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