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Homeschool Education {for parents}

I don’t know about you, but as a homeschooling parent, I often feel inadequate or unprepared about my ability to teach my children all the things they will need to know to be successful in college and in a professional career. I want to provide the best possible education for them, but in order to do this, I need to be well educated.

I hold a master’s degree in business and completed half of a graduate level program towards becoming a certified elementary teacher, before I ever thought about homeschooling. After having three boys in three years it became difficult for me to continue taking university courses, yet, I still have a desire to further my education.

As I researched graduate-level education degrees I realized that almost every single one was geared towards administrative work rather than teaching skills. I realized that although I could earn a “masters” degree in education, it certainly wouldn’t qualify me to be a better teacher, only a better administrator. In fact, I could gain a much better (and less expensive) education by simply purchasing or renting textbooks and studying them on my own. Thus, I began compiling a list of books that could help me educate myself to not only become a better teacher, but to better understand these concepts for myself.

Many parents have not had the opportunity to finish college, yet that does not mean that they aren’t capable or qualified to teach their children. By being proactive and continuing to learn we can all become better educated and in turn provide a better education for our children.

I’ve organized a few references in this guide a Homeschool Education {for parents} to give you some resources you can use to further your education and learn how to educate your children better. It is certainly not a comprehensive guide and I have not personally reviewed every book listed, but hopefully it will get you thinking of ways you can educate yourself at home.

If you have any resources you have found helpful in your self-education, please share!


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Education {for parents}”

  1. I just found your blog recently – thanks so much for this post! I have been thinking a lot about wanting to start educating myself but didn't know where to start! Thanks, again!! Stop by if you get a chance – I have a fun homeschool post I'm putting up tomorrow 🙂


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