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On the road again…

We are heading out on our road trip this morning! So excited to see my husband after 4 months and the boys can’t wait to see their daddy. We are planning to go to Houston for a few weeks, then on up to Kentucky and will be traveling for about 6 weeks. I will try to have at least one scheduled post a week while I’m gone (including a fabulous Valentine’s Day giveaway) and will post updates as often as I can.

I am also planning my route so that I can photograph several temples. I hope to be able to add 6 or 7 more to my site! And as much as I would love to be independently wealthy, I’m not. As you can imagine, traveling gets quite expensive. I really want to continue to offer these temple images for free to those who cannot afford to purchase them. In order to do this, I need some help! You can help keep these free by contributing a small amount (a few dollars) when you download one of my temple images (click on the new donate link on the right toolbar) or by purchasing your prints through my new fulfillment site. I am offering these temple prints at half the price of what I normally charge for professional prints so that everyone can afford them. Thanks for your support!


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