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Hoarders: toddler edition

Joshua, our middle child has always had hoarding tendencies. He would (and still does) cram all sorts of random junk into bags or boxes and carry them around the house and stack them in “secret” places. Now he has a backpack that he packs all sorts of things into including a full change of apparel, snacks and money.

Now, my sweet little baby is turning into a hoarder too! Or pack rat, not sure which. He picks up as many toys as he can find at once and MUST carry them all at the same time. As you can see from his big crocodile tear, he has trouble carrying it all and has a complete and total meltdown every morning because things keep dropping. I’ve tried to get him to carry a bag like his brother, but he still doesn’t get it. And yes, that is a mini-colander on his head. It’s his “hat”.

At what point should I be concerned???


7 thoughts on “Hoarders: toddler edition”

  1. Haha! I have to laugh because my middle daughter does this. She's eight now so she doesn't pack it around but her drawers are chuck full of… Garbage!! It drive me nuts.

    Must be a middle child thing… Maybe? There must be a psychological explanation.

  2. Ha Ha! My kids have all had hoarding tendencies at different points in their lives. I'm hopeful that they will all grow into normal, functioning adults who like to throw away everything, like me. 🙂

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