Happy New Year!

It’s always fun to look back and remember the fun things that happened during the year. We like to include a highlights page in the front of each scrapbook, sort of a year-in-review so we can remember what was so special about it (and no I didn’t make my scrapbooking deadline, but I did make as far as September!)  
Some memories I won’t forget from 2011 are:
*Taking our annual trip to Disney World, running the 1/2 marathon and goofy for my husband (he ran the 1/2 marathon with me and the full marathon the next day).
*Spending the weekend in Cincinnati with great friends, taking the riverboat ride and touring the museums.
*Spending our last months enjoying the great things in Kentucky, the Louisville Slugger Museum, Science Center, Zoo, Churchill Downs, Lincoln’s Birthplace, etc…
*Training for and completing my first full marathon!
*Packing up our things *sniff, sniff* and moving west. Saying goodbye to my best friend as he headed overseas.
*Having fun exploring Utah and doing everything fun that we can find around here.

I have also enjoyed keeping up this blog. It has been a private blog for family and friends for several years, but this summer I decided to make it public. It has been a fun experience to make so many new friends (it’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one cursed blessed with three boys!) And, like I say, it’s cheaper than therapy 😉
The most popular posts so far have been:
Photography posts, here are a few of my personal favorites:
A Day in the Life multi-part post on homeschooling.
But by far, the most popular has been my temple artwork coming in at over 28,000 views (not bad for only being public for 5 months)!
Looking forward to the new year, I hope to share more homeschool resources, more fabulous food recipes, more crazy, silly, everyday happenings and more temple pictures.

Happy New Year!!! No, I’m not staying up to celebrate. We have early church tomorrow and I have a lesson to finish preparing…but I am gorging on chocolate and sparkling cider…


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