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Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple

We took a quick trip to Arizona for the weekend. I got to spend time with my good friend from New Hampshire. She’s like a sister to me and the last time we saw each other I was expecting Joshua. The boys loved seeing her and playing with her cute little dog. They loved crawling through the doggy door and hanging out in the dog house! She made the most amazing sweet pork burritos (I’m def. going to get the recipe!) and made cookies with the boys. They had so much fun.

We had fun at the Arizona Science Center seeing real brains and lying on a bed of nails. We also went to the family Christmas party I haven’t attended since I was a kid. There were over 130 people there! It was so fun to see people I haven’t seen in years, but wish we could have had more time to visit.

We also got to see the beautiful Christmas lights at the Mesa temple. I’ve added some images of the Mesa, Arizona temple, which are free for personal use. If you use an image, feel free to donate a small amount (right toolbar) so that I can continue offering these for free. You may download these and other images on my free LDS temple pictures website.


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