Things I Love, Utah

Our new favorite place…

Can I just say that I LOVE IKEA?!? I have never lived so close to one before and it is one of our most favorite places.

In Kentucky our “hang out” place was Barnes & Noble. The kids would play with the trains while I read or checked up on emails, and we’d always take home a book or two. The BN here (in baby central, go figure) has NO chairs by the train table. Apparently they don’t want you “hanging out” in their store. So…we had to find a new place to chill. And find one we did.

IKEA offers FREE childcare for one hour (at least for two of my three boys)! After our first visit Ethan said “this is better than Thanksgiving Point!” It is seriously genius. I can shop with only one little rugrat and it is impossible to leave the store without buying something (even if only their dark chocolate bar, YUM).

So, not only is there free childcare while you shop, but on Tuesdays kids eat free. That’s right FREE.  Monday they serve FREE breakfast until 11. And when we’re out doing other errands and lunchtime approaches, we can swing by for a 50 cent hot dog and they all fall asleep on the way home.

They also have a huge train table with couches for me to sit. We could seriously hang out all day long with all the fun things for kids to do. We go at least once a week, although last week we went three times! I’ve got a long list of things to buy between now and when we leave here (might have to upgrade from a trailer to a full size uhaul!) and although I try to spread it out over my visits, it’s impossible to get out with just one or two things!

Buh-by bookstore, hello IKEA!

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