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Birthday lovelies…

I used to dread turning another year older, but the thirties have been the best years of my life (so far!) and I wouldn’t go back to the twenties for anything. Plus, I have a reason to spoil myself!

I got these beautiful flowers from my handsome hubby. I feel so spoiled, he sent me two dozen
roses last month also! They smell heavenly and brighten my day every time I see them.

iPhone protective cover. Isn’t it gorgeous? My phone will love me.
And this fabulous camera bag! No more hanging my camera off the end of the stroller and having it knocked to the ground when child jumps unexpectedly out of it. No more shoving it in the diaper bag and praying no sippy cups spill on it. No more forgetting my camera bag at photoshoots…Love it!



6 thoughts on “Birthday lovelies…”

  1. Happy birthday! That is such a cute camera bag! And, I just saw your time out for women post (I know, I'm a little late). I was there! I wish we would have run into each other.

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