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Capturing life…

Christmas came early for me this year. My handsome little three-year old knocked my camera off the desk and the lens guts popped out and my other lens was acting up…I was wanting a new camera anyway, so I went camera shopping…
I have always been a Canon fan and would really love to have the 5D Mark II, however I’ve decided to devote my time to my family rather than pursue my photography business right now, so I can’t really justify that expense.
So…after much research it appears that Nikon makes better semi-professional cameras (although I still believe Canon makes better professional level cameras). So I felt like a complete traitor, but I made the switch! I sold all my Canon equipment (including my beautiful 70-200 lens) and purchased this Nikon D7000.
I was surprised at how easy it was for me to learn the buttons on the Nikon (kind of like switching from pc to mac) and now I LOVE my camera. I don’t regret switching at all. It takes great pictures and I have been able to get some great shots even in low light. It also has video mode, which I honestly don’t use much, but it’s a nice feature to have. Here are a few shots I’ve taken lately…

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7 thoughts on “Capturing life…”

  1. Pictures look good – the jacket looks good on you!
    I suppose you might slowly forget the cannon functions/buttons – so you might not be able to talk me through stuff now. ): I was thinking this weekend I needed to ask you something – since D took the camera to school – when I take pictures on the P setting – they appear blueish??? I'm pretty sure that wasn't that way before! But I thought it was all automatic – but maybe something changed with the settings???? I may have to call you while Cannon things are still in your brain! (:

  2. That is so sad that your last camera 'died'. Little ones sure have a way of doing that to things.

    Someday I hope to own a semi-professional camera and then I'm calling you for advice and tips. Well, I guess I won't be 'calling' per se, I'll be contacting you. I need some major help in the photography department.

    Your photos are beautiful!

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