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Parental rights?

Do you have a say in what your children will or will not be taught in schools? Do you have a right to your child’s medical information? Do you have the right to teach your child religious values? Should CPS be allowed to remove children from homes where there is no clear evidence of abuse?

There are some who assume that since the constitution doesn’t specifically include rights for parents that means they don’t have any rights. If you think you have the right to make decisions for your child, watch this video. Your parental rights are being infringed upon and this is just the beginning. Take a stand now before the generation of entitled children has so many “rights” that they start making decisions for you.

I am not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t think the government is out to get me. I think that in this world there are a few evil people and a lot of dumb people. Unfortunately both types tend to gravitate toward positions of authority. Personally I don’t want either evil or dumb people making decisions for me and my family.

Politics has never been something that interested me. I have been pretty content to live my nice little life and let the politicians worry about that boring stuff. It wasn’t until I read Skousen’s book The 5,000 Year Leap that my eyes were opened to the ideas and principles this nation was founded on and the deterioration of those fundamental principles. They didn’t want the career politicians that we have today- they wanted people who loved this country and were willing to offer their services for the sake of it. I realized that if I do not get involved not only am I subject to the laws that those people make but I can’t even complain about it because I sat back and watched it happen (or buried my head in the sand so I couldn’t see it happening).

Unfortunately the majority of young voters have no idea about the principles this country was founded on. Many simply want a free handout and don’t take the time to realize that someone (you and I) has to pay for it. If only they could see the future implications of a government that “takes care” of you. And the majority of voters that do care and that do have strong values and principles are often silent.

I have commited myself to pulling my head out of the sand, start paying attention and do something. You might think that as a busy mom you can’t make a difference. But it is mothers who can and should be making these decisions. We care about the future generation because we are raising them. We have a right to decide the kind of world our children will grow up in. Politics is not something for professionals and academics, it’s for us, the people.

It really doesn’t take much effort. Simply educating onesself on the issues, researching and choosing a political candidate for president who supports values and ideas the founding fathers would approve of, and writing your congressmen on important issues. Don’t leave the job of educating your children on political issues and the founding of America to the schools, you are their best teacher (clearly they didn’t do a good job educating us about government and politics).There are also organizations you can join such as American Family Association who will email you about family related issues as well as provide information on what you can do to help.

Still not convinced this is important? Need a little motivation?

One reader will receive a free copy of Skousen’s 5,000 Year Leap!

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4 thoughts on “Parental rights?”

  1. One political concern I have is standardized health care. It doesn't seem to work for countries that have it and so I don't think it will work for us here.

    Another concern is that why do politicians have so much power to make decisions that are not experts at . . . like education. Many were never teachers or administrators but they make laws that have to be followed that are NOT in best interest of students. Like Nutrition . . . I heard Congress passed a law that says pizza counts as a vegetable.?!?!? what who are these guys? Of course kids might choose pizza over carrots – but if only carrots are offered they'd eat them. And yes – the first few years would be hard on some kids – but you have to start somewhere! I think that Congress has bigger problems than how much tomato sauce can be added to make pizza count as a vegetable!

  2. Sorry if I did something wrong in entering your contes – – – perhaps I only had do ONE of those things listed . . . I thought I had to do them all ONCE. But I see my name now like 5 times and the other girl's one time – sorry if I messed up your thing. (:

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