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Faith and Politics

I recently watched this adress by Senator Joe Lieberman at BYU. He spoke about how our nation was founded on faith and values and the belief in God. It’s not very often you see politicians publicly promoting the good religion offers society. One of my favorite quotes was “America has been from the beginning a faith-based initiative and anybody who tries to separate faith from the public square is doing something unnatural and ultimately bad for our country.”

He has published a book called The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath. In this day the Sabbath (for Christian’s this day is Sunday) has become a holiday, a day of entertainment rather than a day to worship God and renew our soul. I think it is wonderful that a man in public office is taking a religious stand and setting the example for others to stick to their faith.

He also says “Faith in God, love of country, sense of unity, confidence in the power of every individual—these are the things that are going to carry the American people through crises greater than the ones we face today, and will, I’m sure, propel us forward to a better place if only we will return to those values and recognize them as a source of national strength…The greatest source of American strength and hope for the future is not in current devices and rigid politics of Washington, it is in the broadly shared faith and values of the American people.”

The full speech (skip past first parts) is located at http://byutv.org/watch/event/c4640ed7-2175-445a-9e63-b0e1a1d2c9f2 or on the BYU tv app you don’t have to skip past anything…


2 thoughts on “Faith and Politics”

  1. It is a breath of fresh air to see someone like Sen. Lieberman take a stand for something like this! And he's so right.

    Just look at the difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution. One included faith and God almost every step of the way and it ended with the birth of the most free nation in the history of the world. The other declared war on Christianity in general along with the aristocracy and was a complete bloodbath that only stopped when a fascist dictator was able to reign it in using his own brand of terror.

    To say that faith, religion or morals aren't necessary are kidding themselves.

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