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A day in the life, Part 4: Organizing it all…

Now for the fun part! How do I organize all this stuff??? The last two years have really been kind of a “trial run” with homeschooling. The thought of being responsible for everything my children learn is very intimidating. So while my children aren’t yet old enough for public school I’ve been homeschooling them to build my confidence up so that when it’s really going to count I know I can do it successfully (which has been good since I’ve changed curriculums half a dozen times!).
And though I don’t have to adhere to any state requirements yet…I still like to keep records. It helps me get in the routine so that if/when we live in a state that has strict requirements I will be prepared to meet them and so that I can gague how much we really have learned during the year. Here are a few things that I am currently using to *try* to stay organized:

This free Homeschool Daily Planner helps plan out my day and week as well as organize daily studies. I have laminated the schedule so I can use a dry erase marker and easily make changes.

All our finshed schoolwork and artwork are kept in this accordian file folder with the date stamped on each page (the kids’ favorite part).

At the end of each school year I use my comb binder to create a book of all the schoolwork we did for that year, organized by subject. I use a photo of the child for the front page and include a sample copy of our schedule, a list of books we read that year (free reading list template), artwork and written work. I also include photos of any field trips we took, along with a summary of the things we learned. This portfolio is a great way to showcase the things they learned that year as well as preserve their artwork in a way that doesn’t take a whole lot of space.
How do you stay organized?

3 thoughts on “A day in the life, Part 4: Organizing it all…”

  1. Great idea with the book! And I also like the idea of keeping everything in a file by subject. We may have to try that. Our papers are always scattered all over the house.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! These posts have been so helpful. My husband and I were not raised in homeschooling families and I feel like I am starting from scratch but these ideas gave me some great jumping off points!

    I was wondering what museums you have passes to. I assume T-point and maybe the aquarium but what other ones have you bought?

  3. We weren't raised in homeschooling families either and it really is an education trying to figure out what to do when the only thing you know is the public school model! It really is a lot of trial and error trying to find what works best for each child.

    We have the Tpoint pass and then I have a Louisville Zoo pass which is reciprocal with Hogle and the Aviary. I also purchased an inexpensive pass online ($40) from a museum in KY and it's reciprocal with the Gateway Discovery center. The rule is you are only reciprocal with museums 90 miles away from your “home” museum So if you're ever traveling (or you can purchase many online and have the pass mailed to you) pick up a pass. Some require proof that you live 90 miles away, but most don't.

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