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Thinking about homeschooling?

I came across this video clip on the Teach Beside Me blog… It’s a piece on homeschooling by Glenn Beck and it is very well done. It discusses parents who are considering or are currently taking charge of their children’s education. The part about homeschooling doesn’t start until about 30 minutes in- so just skip forward if you want.

I loved what the parents said about how once you get out of the mindset of public schools, learning becomes a way of life. Learning becomes the culture of your family. I love that! Everything we do in our home fosters learning. Even if you have chosen a single homeschool philosphy you really will cover all methods if you include your children. You teach Montessori methods when your children help around the house cooking, cleaning, working in the yard; Charlotte Mason when you read living books; Classical when you study the classics; Waldorf when you garden, sew or play make believe… Homeschooling really combines all educational methods over a lifetime and the real learning doesn’t occur around a table or desk, it occurs in small moments throughout the day. I love the opportunities to share a wide variety things with my children that I would not be able to if I only had a few hours with them each day.

I also loved the advice from this video- if you are thinking about homeschooling- start by reading. Get the classics and read, read, read. This is what we spend a majority of our time doing and I think it is the thing that will make the biggest difference in the end. I don’t want my children to just memorize and spew out facts, I want them to learn to think and be creative. Reading good literature expands the mind in a way few other things do. If you’re looking for a great reading list to get started- check out these lists on Ambleside Online. For longer books- check out the audio books from the library and listen in the car or when you’re doing housework (we did this with Little House on the Prarie series and my kids almost had them memorized because we listened to each at least three times).

Also, this Glen Beck clip talks about Richard Paul Evans new Michael Vey book. I have not read it yet, but it is in my Amazon cart and I can’t wait to read it. They have created this homeschool guide to go along with the book. Awesome! It’s available at  


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