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I absolutely love this time of year! I really gained a great appreciation for the seasons when we lived in Concord, New Hampshire for almost 5 years. I never knew what green and red looked like before moving there. And the smells! You can literally smell the fresh air when you step off the airplane. Then we moved to Kentucky for the next almost 5 years. The fall colors are absolutely amazing.
I love the smells of fall- the crisp air, the pumpkin and nutmeg, I love the crunch of leaves under my boots and a scarf around my neck. I wish it could be fall all year long. Here are just a few of the yummy fall dishes I’ve been baking to celebrate fall:
These are better than cookies at my house, they are gone as fast as I can bake them! They can be baked into a bread loaf or into muffins (which are more fun for the kids). They are super delicious and pretty healthy too!
This fall stew is so yummy- and it’s one that actually tastes better the next day when the spices have all melded together. It’s a great way to use pumpkin and it also freezes really well.
One of our fall traditions is to make Halloween sugar cookies. The kids (and I) just love it. This is my favorite sugar cookie recipe. I’ve tried quite a few and have heard people swear by the sour cream kind, but I always come back to this one because it never fails and the texture is perfect, soft but not too crumbly. They taste similar to the store bought kind except sooo much better. 
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12 thoughts on “Fall!”

  1. This picture is the best I've ever seen of fall colors! Gorgeous. I wish here, in Catalonia, I could see all those colors but it's been so warm lately so not many colors yet.

    Visiting from The Simple Things.

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