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I heart Bountiful Baskets!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to eat healthy for half the cost? I heard a few things about Bountiful Baskets before moving back out west and was super excited to try it since they didn’t have it where I lived in Kentucky. This week was my second pickup, and I have to say I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

My first pickup I arrived with a small box, not expecting much for $15. I walked in to the school gym where they are distributed and saw the huge round laundry baskets brimming with produce and looked back down at my small box…the lady directing people said “um…I think you’re going to need a bigger box…” I didn’t realize that for $15. I got TWO baskets of produce! One full of vegetables and one full of fruit. I typically pay $5 for grapes or apples alone…I just love that I can get an entire week’s supply of fruits & vegetables for $15 (or $25 for organic).

The fun part is the produce is different every time, the week before included corn, limes and pomegranates. I was also pleasantly surprised at what high quality produce it is, there were no fruit flies or bad spots and the grapes are the sweetest grapes I think I’ve ever eaten. I also got the tortilla pack which is about 15 pounds of tortillas- plate size, small size, corn…they are fabulous. The only commitment is to help distribute the food once every six pickups. Two hours of my time every six weeks is sooo worth the savings!

They recommend that you wait to go shopping until after you’ve picked up your basket and then plan your meal around the vegetables provided and with the savings you can afford higher quality meats. I am making a large veggie tray and a large bowl of fruit salad (stir in a little vanilla yogurt to prevent browning & some pecans because they’re delicious) to keep in the fridge for the kids to snack on during the week. So not only will my family have healthier options, but we’re saving a bundle of money at the same time!

So, if you’re like me and don’t have access to fresh home grown produce, check out Bountiful Baskets!


3 thoughts on “I heart Bountiful Baskets!”

  1. Thanks for explaining what Bountiful Baskets are! I heard Elysa and others mention it and I had no clue exactly what it all pertained to. Sounds great and looks great! (: Are there too many things that you are liking in Utah to be able to move away in a year? Of course – being with your husband wherever he goes – is a perk you'd probably prefer! (:

  2. I have loved bountiful baskets, and ran a site for 2 years, but the produce goes bad fast (at least ours here in St. George did) I just started using a new company called Jumbo Joes {not sure where you live, but it is awesome} You see what you are getting when you order the week before and it is in a box all bagged up and ready to go right in the fridge on Fridays! Not saying you shouldn't love Bountiful Baskets, but if you ever don't feel satisfied with the produce try Jumbo Joes. You can go to their web site or their facebook page

    If they don't have a site pick up in your area you can ask to start one and get a free box of produce!!

    Oh and I LOVE the birthday cake!

  3. Kendra, thanks for sharing! I've never heard of Jumbo Joes and they actually have a pickup in Lehi- just a few minutes away. Thanks for giving me another option!!!

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