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The Entitlement Trap Giveaway

I absolutely LOVE this book! If I could choose my favorite parenting book it would probably be this one. The Eyre’s have such great ideas about raising responsible people and emphasize the importance of starting early. I love the overall concept of this book- to allow your children to learn from their mistakes while they are young and the stakes are low, rather than when they are adults and the stakes are high.

This applies not only to financial decisions but moral, ethical and other important decisions that must be made in life. I purchased the book to learn how to teach my children good financial responsibility, but found that it offered so much more.

My children are a little young to implement the full household economy, but I have gotten so many great ideas that I can start implementing- such as being paid for doing certain tasks around the house and rewarding them for good behavior rather than just handing out an allowance.

I also love their ideas for establishing and writing down traditions in a prominent place where they become an important part of family life and the idea of keeping family stories to read to the children at bedtime. Their ideas for teaching children how to make responsible choices about drugs, sex, and life goals is invaluable. Helping children make these decisions before they are ever faced with them prevents those spontaneous bad decisions. The whole idea is to prepare your children for the things they will face in life and to do it while they are young so that they can learn how to make intelligent decisions and avoid the confusion and frustration most teens and young adults face.

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes:

  • “It is parents, by not saying no and by giving kids what they demand, who become the ultimate enablers. We pour unearned praise over them, protect them from criticism of teachers and coaches, give them everything from toys to automobiles, and make no connections between their freedoms and their responsibilities. We seem to be working for our kids’ approval rather than their working for ours.”
  • “As our lives get busier…we give our kids things instead of time.
  • “Entitlement really is a kid trap…it stifles children’s initiative, encourages self-centeredness, and mutes their natural and healthy fear of consequences. It makes them feel like the world owes them a living and destroys the connection between effort and reward.”
  • “…Indulgence…[and] anti-responsibility…holds them back from their potential, from adventure, from their independence, from their creativity, from their fulfillment, and from their happiness.
I love this book so much that I am going to be sending one lucky reader a free copy of The Entitlement Trap!

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  2. I love the Eyre's!!!! LOVE THEM!!!! I have at least 6 of their other books – hadn't heard of this one – but now that I have, I definately want to read it. I would read it if I “won” it! (: I will blog or FB about this . . . I don't understand the term “public follower” but I don't mind grabing the button but I might have to get directions on how to do that. (:

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