Latter-Day Homeschooling

I wanted to share this great resource: Latter-Day Homeschooling  I subscribe to the email newsletters and they always have uplifting stories that give me confirmation that I made the right decision for my family. Unlike some sites that leave you feeling guilt ridden for all the things you’re not doing right, this site has articles written by real moms just like me who are in the middle of it all and understand the realities of trying to juggle the demands of life. The emphasis is on teaching values, simplifying life and finding meaning in the small everyday things.

It is the highlight of my week to read these powerful messages and be reminded of why I do what I do and helps me recommit myself to taking one day at a time and remembering what the focus should really be about.

It’s impossible to choose my favorite, but these two articles I found quite profound:

Also, a few quick thoughts about yesterday’s General Conference:

President Boyd K. Packer stated two different times that our youth today are “being raised in enemy territory.” That is pretty strong language, but I couldn’t help but think how true it is. We send our young children (some as young as three) out into the world. It made me feel grateful for this time I have with my young children and recommit to teach them values and properly prepare them so that they don’t enter “enemy territory” unarmed.

Ian S. Ardern cautioned us that being busy does not mean we are productive and that we will give a strict accounting to God as to the use of our time. How often do I turn away my children because I am “busy” on the computer? How often do I reach the end of the day and realize I have failed to make time for the important things? I find that in my life I must put the essentials first (for me essentials are prayer, scripture study and exercise) and then I magically have time for the other things of the day, sometimes even accomplish more than I set out to. However if I do the things I want to do first (blog, email, scrapbook) I find that I never have enough time in my day and I am grouchy when my kids want my attention. His talk was a great reminder to prioritize and re-evaluate.

Robert D. Hales spoke about trials and adversity being for our good, waiting on the Lord and accepting His will. I was thinking about how our reaction to trials determine much of who we become. There are those that have major adversity in life and are able to overcome their trials and go on to not only be amazingly successful for themselves but to help others better their lives as well. Then, there are those who suffer and become bitter and miserable and essentially waste away their lives. Both trials are similar in nature, the difference in the outcome is whether we turn to Christ for help or whether we turn our backs on Him.

I’m also super excited about the new temple assistance fun where we can donate money to help those living in remote areas travel to the temple to be sealed as a family. What an awesome opportunity to help others have the blessings of the temple!


2 thoughts on “Latter-Day Homeschooling”

  1. Hey! I have a question unrelated to this post, but I couldn't find your e-mail address!

    I am about to order one of your free Temple prints, and I was wondering if they were sized for 16×20. I am getting a resolution warning, and wanted to make sure it was a “go” before ordering. I have downloaded the Large size from Flickr, but the pixels weren't that large. What do you think?

    I'd love to blog about it when I get it all framed! I blog at Crafty Cupboard, and would love to send my readers your way.

  2. Glad I got to know you Reason #121: You give awesome site recommendations. I don't have your internet search saviness – so thanks for sharing. Only spent a couple minutes on that latterday homeschoolers site – but loved what I saw – thanks for sharing!!!!

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