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Climb every mountain…

I think that must be my husband’s motto… He hiked and camped almost nonstop from the moment we arrived in Utah. One of the more memorable trips was our week at Spirit Lake near the Wyoming-Utah border. We camped right next to this beautiful lake. It was freezing cold and rained almost every day, but it sure was beautiful.

The boys got to go fishing for the first time and caught a bunch of fish. Ethan caught three fish and Joshua caught one, they caught a total of 15 during our week there.

Daddy gave a fish anatomy lesson and the boys thoroughly enjoyed dissecting them. What better way to do nature study then to spend a week in nature?

We had an Osborne family reunion at Cecret Lake, a family favorite hike. I just have to say Joshua is the best little hiker I’ve ever seen. He is only three but he outlasts Ethan by far and keeps up with my walking pace the entire time. He never complains and is usually in the lead the entire time. I am amazed by his stamina, he is definitely his daddy’s boy when it comes to hiking.

Anthony took Ethan and Joshua on their first backpacking trip. I had met my three day camping limit, so I stayed home with Grant.

He did manage to drag me out on an overnight backpacking trip to Upper Silver Lake though. The boys did great on the 2 mile hike and we identified lots of wildflowers as part of school that day. It was pretty cold once we got up to the lake and there were still a few snow patches but the little bear cubs wrestled around to keep warm.
This last weekend we went to see my family in Cedar City and went for a little hike in Zion’s (no angel’s landing for me!)

Anthony summited a few other mountains too- he actually spent 16 hours hiking one day and made is own trail across several mountain peaks, hiked Mount Bora in Idaho in record time, and his childhood favorite hike- Lone Peak.


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