Our trip out West…

Well we made it to Utah safe and sound! We made a vacation out of it and stopped at a few places along the way. Here’s a glimpse of how the little monkey’s passed the time (yes, that’s an empty applesauce container on Joshua’s head)…
Anthony had to climb Oklahoma’s high point, so we camped out the night before. There was an incredible lightning storm, the entire sky lit up with each strike. You’ve never seen lightning until you’ve seen it in Oklahoma. The winds were so strong it just about bent the poles of our trusty Kelty tent. The boys were so happy in the morning to discover dirt all around them. Ethan said “I want to live in Oklahoma.” When I asked why he said “because they have lots of dirt!”


 It was beautiful crossing from Oklahoma into Colorado- all these images were shot with my iphone and weren’t edited, the sky really is that blue. I almost forgot what blue sky looked like! And we passed a train then got out and waited for it to pass us- the boys still have a slight train obsession…


 We also went over to visit Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. It’s pretty impressive- these photos don’t do it justice, but walking on sand is hard enough without packing around a heavy camera… The boys were in heaven…


And our last stop was Colorado’s high point in Leadville. It was freezing cold but really beautiful.

We have been spending some great family time while Anthony’s with us, so more to come…

3 thoughts on “Our trip out West…”

  1. We loved the lightening storms when we lived in OK! They are amazing! So glad you made it back to UT safe and sound. I'm sending you a separate email to your hotmail address…

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