Our 2011-2012 Curriculum

My goal for this next year is to be relaxed about schooling since we will be living in a new place and I don’t know how the boys will handle having their daddy gone (plus Ethan still has another year before official “school” age)… But as I type out the list of books we will be reading this next year it seems like a lot! Fortunately we love to read and many of the literature books we can download on audio from our library, and of course they aren’t all going to be finished this year, many of the books will take several years to complete and will be repeated.

I have also recorded many of the poems I want the boys to learn and burned them on a cd so we can listen to them in the car as we drive around town. Both Ethan and Joshua can recite at least 10 poems from memory now. (This is also how we learn scripture mastery and Articles of Faith. Ethan knows all thirteen articles of faith and Joshua knows the first four and both have several scripture mastery’s down).

We will also supplement Joshua’s education (three years old) with the new site which has pretty good preschool activities (especially for only $35!) and Bob Books iphone app.

The Story of the World
50 Famous Stories Retold
Our Island Story
Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans
The Story of Benjamin Franklin
Who Was George Washington?

Handbook of Nature Study
The Burgess Bird Book
All the Birds of North America
*Additional reference books based on interest

Math U See

Discover the New Testament
Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery
Scripture Memory System

Literature: (Just to name a few!)
James Herriot’s Treasury for Children
A Treasury of Children’s Literature
Little House on the Prarie Series
Just So Stories
Charlotte’s Web
Five Little Peppers and how they Grew

Paddle to the Sea

A Children’s Garden of Verses
A Child’s Book of Poems

Wisdom & the Millers: Proverbs for Children
Child’s Book of Character Building: Growing up in God’s World

Artistic Pursuits Book 1
Folksongs & Hymns
Stories of the Great Composers

Foreign Language:
Speak Spanish with Dora & Diego

Extra Curricular:
Tae Kwon Do

And on Mom’s list for next year:

*Parenting with Love and Logic: just ordered this book and am LOVING it. Need to memorize it and apply it this year!
*The Entitlement Trap: read a few articles on this book here and am really interested in learning how to apply these ideas to our family.
*Finishing up the Little Women series, some Georgette Heyer books, a few other classics and a some LDS doctrine books
*Use the Institute Manuals during personal scripture study
*Run at least 3 half marathons (and a full marathon this fall!)
*Keep up on our digital scrapbooks
*Attend the temple at least 3 times a month
*Be more diligent in journal writing and begin my personal history


8 thoughts on “Our 2011-2012 Curriculum”

  1. Hey Cari! I love your blog. How are you? I didn't realize you are moving…where to? Is Anthony deploying or going to a school? We miss you guys. THings are going well in New York. Benson's health has been much better this summer and we've enjoyed the good weather and being together. Your boys are so handsome, and you are absolutely amazing! Let's catch up.


  2. I haven't thought about the Five Little Peppers in years! Are you basing this curriculum off of something? Or did you make it up yourself?

    Good luck getting everything together for the move (I hate moving) and with the school year.

  3. Man Cari! I need to talk to you about homeschooling! We are planning to do it but i have no clue where to start! Email me, will you?:) BTW we had baby boy number 3 on July 8 so I'm seriously sleep deprived right now. : )

  4. Katy, I am using a combination of The Well Trained Mind and Charlotte Mason (Ambleside Online and Simply Charlotte Mason). I really enjoy literature being our main focus and I get to re-read all the fun books I loved as a child (or read for the first time the ones I was deprived of!)

    Kelli- message coming your way!

  5. I found your blog through Pinterest and printed off your homeschool planner (love!). You have children similar in ages to mine and I am also LDS, so I was wondering how you run your devotionals with little ones?

  6. Hi Char- as you can imagine- devotionals are pretty crazy with three little ones! I do “try” to have structure and order but honestly if we can make it through the song and prayer I consider it a success! Our devotional starts with a song, prayer, scripture, article of faith, and poem.

    Scripture study with little ones is a challenge- we read the book of mormon reader, but I want to transition to reading directly from the scriptures and it's def. a challenge. I am currently working on a book of mormon “study guide” and am hoping that will make it a little easier… Will post it when I get it finished…

  7. Thank you! It is always nice to know that the craziness that ensues at my home is not abnormal 🙂 I would also love to hear what your daily schedule is like with your boys and how you balance teaching your two oldest. I know you are busy but when you have time I would be very interested in a 'day in the life' post! Thanks!

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