Summer *fun*

Here’s how we’ve been spending our summer:

Lots and lots of building. Whenever I try to get Joshua to do ANYTHING day or night (including eating and sleeping) he says “I can’t mommy, I’m building!”

I asked Grant a question the other day and he answered me so clearly I was suprised. Ethan said “WOW! He talked like a HUMAN!” Here’s some pictures of the “human”. He loves to snuggle with his stuffed animals (this is boomer our dog- probably the only dog he will ever have) and he has a serious obsession with cars. Needless to say his favorite words are “doggy” and “car” which he repeats about a million times a day.
Reading…We participated in our library’s summer reading program and logged over 50 hours.
The library had a petting zoo come this weekend to celebrate the end of the reading program. The boys had such a great time petting all the animals. Grant loves all animals and wants to hug them all. He followed this little donkey all around chasing it wherever it went.
And of course their favorite past time…driving mommy crazy! They love to pull ALL the cushions off my couch and either use it as a trampoline or build little forts. It makes me absolutely crazy to see my pillows strewn all over the place. Next couch will have permanent cushions…this one has got to go.
Oh…and let’s not forget packing and running. Packing is a never ending nightmare consisting of packing a box, coming in a few hours later to find that it has been unpacked. Repeated several times a day. Running is a different kind of nightmare. I used to love, even adore my treadmill. However, I loathe it when I have to run more than 5 miles on it. Running outside long distance is so much more enjoyable however when you have to run 10 miles on the morning of an extreme heat advisory it’s not quite as pleasant. Nevertheless I managed to log 20 miles last week and am hoping to continue to meet my marathon training goals. As long as I don’t get heat stroke…

1 thought on “Summer *fun*”

  1. Good times for kids!!! I love the picture of Anthony reading with the boys! Good for you with the running – crazy too – but good job! (: I'm sad to see the packing . . . .

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