4th of July Weekend

 It was a fun weekend of camping out, splashing in the creek and watching fireworks. The fireworks in Kentucky are amazing. No matter where you live in our town you can see 15-20 different light displays and they aren’t firecrackers like we’re used to out west, they are full blown fireworks displays like you’d see in the park- only they are being lit off at people’s homes. It’s pretty incredible. Ethan wasn’t scared this year but he did still plug his ears the entire time.

 And no fourth of July would be complete without some fresh sweet corn. This Amish corn is the best, the boys just gobble it up.

Gotta have a little wrestling…(grant pulled ethan’s hair and made him scream- I couldn’t stop laughing)

And of course some bike riding…


1 thought on “4th of July Weekend”

  1. #1 – funny how we both switched our background patterns to the same thing! I guess I could have used “yours” after all. (:
    #2 – love the “i can sew” link over there on the side – funny to find that randomly!
    #3 – love the pictures of the boys camping! you are a good mom! love how you capture pictures of them being BOYS!

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