New favorite classics

I have been doing a lot of reading and listening to a bunch of audio books the last few months and have been introduced to some new books that for some reason I have never heard of before- but are simply amazing. I love classic literature especially works similar to Jane Austen, well I think I have found her literary sister: Elizabeth Gaskell.

I first watched the Masterpiece Theatre production of Wives & Daughters based on her book and absolutely loved it. Next I saw the BBC version of North & South also based on her novel. Both movies were comparable to Pride & Prejudice and in fact I think I might even like them a bit more if that’s possible. I had to read (or rather listen to) Wives & Daughters to see how well the story was followed- and true to Masterpiece/BBC form they followed the book almost word for word. So if you don’t have time to read or listen to all 720 pages, at least rent the movie from netflix- it is well worth your time.

A few others that I have come to love are The Bat by Mary Roberts Rinehart, The Princess & The Goblin by George MacDonald and I am just being introduced to Georgette Heyer who has a whole army of novels. If you know of any other works similar in style to these please let me know, I hate not knowing these wonderful things exist (although it is fun to discover them!)


4 thoughts on “New favorite classics”

  1. Have you heard of the site called LibriVox?

    There you can find all kinds of books to listen to for free, they are books that are in publuic domaine, they have lots by these authors. Thanks for sharing because I love Jane Austin, and am excited to listen to more stories like that.

    here is a link, if you have not already heard of this site.

  2. I love the princess and the goblin! Such a cute little story.

    Not necessarily of the same vane, but have you read anything by Wilkie Collins? He's a contemporary of Dickens (as was MacDonald). He's super sexist, and I mostly find him hilarious.

  3. Joann- thanks for the livrivox link- I've been renting my audio from my library online but totally forgot about all the offerings at livrivox. I listened to one from there that I really enjoyed a while ago- The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope.

    Katie- thank's for the recommendation of Wilkie Collins- I haven't heard of him before but I LOVE Dicken's…I just downloaded The Woman in White and The Moonstone which were free on kindle!

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