Anniversary, Father’s Day, and fun with little boys…

Anthony and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on the 16th, but I feel like a bad wife because I completely forgot about it! He was at scout camp all week and surprised me by coming home early that morning with flowers in hand. I guess it’s not enough to have a calendar if you never look at it! It was nice to spend the day together as a family though. We took the boys up to the science center and waterfront in Lousiville then went out to dinner. I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband and it always amazes me to think back on all the adventures we have gone on together in the past 11 years. From exploring Europe and China, climbing mountains in Russia, traveling all over the United States, relaxing on the beaches in the Bahamas & Puerto Rico, completing our graduate degrees, and of course the biggest adventure of all- raising three wild little boys.

We went up to visit him at scout camp and the boys had fun getting dirty (and eating dirt). He rigged up a rope swing in a tree and the boys had so much fun swinging on it. And I DID remember father’s day! Hope that redeems myself a little bit… Ethan wrote his own card and drew a picture of our family on the gift packaging. He is the best father these boys could ask for and they all adore him.


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