Field Trips, Travel


We went up to Cincinnati for the weekend and met our good friends the Toronto’s there.

On the way up we stopped to let the boys run around and there was this old firetruck there. It was unlocked so the climbed around in it and on it and pulled all the knobs and pushed all the buttons. The perfect thing to entertain little boys.

Our friends have four boys so it’s a lot of fun when we all get together. They are moving this summer and we are moving in the fall, so this is our last get together for a while.

We ran around the purple people bridge, played at the park, took a riverboat ride, and hit up the gap distribution center. The boys had lots of fun running around like wild things.

The museums in Cincinnati are really awesome. Even the building is amazing. It used to be the train station, built in 1931 and still has all the old signs inside, very cool. And such a great view of the city.

The museums were amazing. We spent most of our time in the children’s museum. Everything a little kid could ever want to play with. They had a really fun tree house/obstacle course that was their favorite (including the big boys). Joshua was in heaven with all the building stations they had. We also did a quick run through of the science museum and that was pretty impresive too. They had a life size man-made cave and it was pretty realistic. They also had a recreation of the ice age including full-size animals and dinosaurs. Perfect for boys. I only wish we lived a bit closer so we could go again…and again…


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