Fun in Kentucky

Sometimes it takes a visit from someone outside your state to help you really appreciate all the fun things you have just around the corner. My sister Sara, her husband Bryce and new little chihuahua/poodle came to visit us on their move out East. It was so wonderful to see them again (she was my partner in crime on our backpacking trip across Europe a few years ago). We really had quite a busy week traveling around seeing some of the sights and helped me remember what fun things there really are to do around here. Grant loved playing with the little dog but other boys are definitely NOT ready for a pet!
Her husband is a big baseball fan so our first stop was the slugger museum. It was fun even though we had just gone on Saturday. The factory tour was actually better this time because there were people working so we got to see them hand turn a bat and see the workers in action. I batted again and discovered that fast pitch softball is much easier than fast pitch baseball (you can see the ball when it’s bigger!) Grant loved swinging his little bat around.

Then we went to the Louisville Science Center right across the street. And we all got in free! Our science center has a family pass but it’s over $100. However, just 100 miles away in Owensboro there is a museum with a family pass for only $40 and they belong to the ASTC Passport Program. The catch is you can only get in free to museums that are 90 miles away (as the crow flies) from your home museum. So I bought mine online (didn’t actually have to drive the 90 miles to Owensboro) and now I can take my family to the science center here for free (and when we go back to Utah we’ll be able to get into the planetarium and gateway for free). The boys had so much fun playing with everything and the best part was I didn’t have to clean up the mess!
We went to Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace in Hodgenville. It is so green and lush this time of year and such a beautiful place to walk around. We played in the rain, went up to Churchill Downs and watched a few horse races, Grant passed out at the restaurant and slept the entire time… We sat by the Ohio River to watch the sun set then hiked the brutally steep hill at Fort Duffield for an even more beautiful view. Bryce caught a frog and Grant laughed hysterically every time it hopped. It was so funny.

2 thoughts on “Fun in Kentucky”

  1. Was Lincoln's cabin open when you went? The whole year we lived there it was closed, so we went and walked around (it is a beautiful area!!), but never actually saw the cabin.

    Looks like a fun (packed) adventure!

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